How We Grant

We are committed to true partnership with our grantees. We work closely with these organizations to craft grants that:

  • Align with our broader program strategies;
  • Identify outcomes that are meaningful, practical, and measurable;
  • Reflect the knowledge and experience we have gained through the ongoing evaluation of the impact of our grantmaking;
  • Provide the appropriate level of funding and, often, the additional support or resources required to achieve targeted outcomes;
  • Set interim benchmarks to track progress and, if necessary, adapt the grant project accordingly;
  • Establish clear channels and procedures for communication between grantees and Helmsley staff; and
  • Create solutions that are self-sustaining, scalable, and repeatable.

As a younger philanthropy, we have the great benefit of flexibility to draw upon the best practices in grantmaking from throughout the world of philanthropy. We are committed to the meticulous monitoring of our efforts within and across our programs, and we constantly strive to understand our impact, learn what works and what doesn’t, and apply that knowledge to become more effective.

All of our grants are made to organizations identified by Helmsley, with the exception of a limited number of Requests for Proposals (RFPs). We do not accept unsolicited grant requests.