Helmsley's Education Program aspires to advance American economic competitiveness as well as individual social mobility. The program supports K-12 and higher education initiatives to help ensure that all students, including those who are economically disadvantaged, have access to a quality education and the opportunity to attain a meaningful postsecondary credential. The desired impact is a nationally diverse cross section of students successfully graduating high school and completing college or postsecondary certificates ready for globally competitive careers. 

***The Education Program is actively winding down. Please note that we are no longer accepting proposals for new grants in this field.***


The K-12 System

Helmsley envisions a K-12 public education system in which all students have the opportunity to graduate from high school academically prepared for college or living wage careers. The program supports the adoption and implementation of policies aligned with college- and career-ready academic standards, and the development and dissemination of the resources, training, and exemplary instructional practices that educators need in order to bring the standards to life in classrooms. 

Higher Education

In higher education, we seek to increase the number of college graduates in STEM fields. This program focuses on supporting networks of institutions committed to improving instructional practices, primarily for gateway courses, and incentivizing the adoption of model policies that improve student retention and completion, particularly for underrepresented students. Learn more about the impact of our efforts to support active learning in undergraduate STEM.