Helmsley recognizes that a vital and well-supported medical workforce is essential to improving the health outcomes of rural Americans in the upper Midwest. As such, we fund a broad range of initiatives to attract, retain and train health professionals across the region.

Simulation in Motion

Simulation in Motion is a statewide, mobile education training system, which brings state–of-the-art, hands on training, using high-fidelity human patient simulators, to all pre-hospital and hospital personnel in the region. These teaching tools are some of the most technologically advanced training tools available to the medical community today and this unique program delivers standardized education to every emergency care team in each funded state.

Rural Medical Training

Recruitment of medical professionals in rural areas is a priority for health systems across the upper Midwest. A “train-in-place” strategy is necessary because recruiting physicians trained elsewhere has failed to adequately address the rural physician shortage across the region. National residency placement data has consistently documented that 70 percent of medical professionals settle near where they train. Through key partnerships, Helmsley has worked to increase the number of medical professionals that train in the upper Midwest and to ensure that state-of-the-art equipment is available.