Type 1 Diabetes


The goal of our program is to improve the lives of all people living with type 1 diabetes (T1D). Working closely with key players across the T1D ecosystem – patients, physicians, caregivers, researchers, government agencies, funders, pharmaceutical companies, device makers, insurers, and community organizations – we seek to improve care and ultimately prevent the disease, and have made and committed almost $700 million in grants to date.

COVID-19 Update: April 20, 2020

People with severe, chronic diseases are at greater risk of poor outcomes from COVID-19. For people with type 1 diabetes, staying healthy is essential, but also more challenging right now due to more limited mobility, stock-outs of some needed supplies, and the financial impacts of COVID-19 that so many people are facing. Our position is clear: nobody should ever be without insulin, access to healthcare experts, or supplies to manage diabetes - especially now. We are in touch with grantees around the world, and in rapid response mode. In the United States, we are in the process of awarding more than 50 grants for clinical care and to facilitate distribution of insulin and necessary supplies. 

Many of these grants will make it newly possible for people with type 1 diabetes to receive expert care remotely by rapidly scaling telehealth. This is an urgent priority and a near-term investment that will serve the community well once the current crisis is over.

Resources from Partners in the Type 1 Diabetes Field:




Improve Outcomes for People With T1D

In the U.S., over 1.5 million people live with T1D and approximately 30,000 are diagnosed every year. We seek to help provide the best possible resources for all people with T1D and their caregivers to ease the burden of managing this relentless disease, improve quality of life, and extend life spans.

Learn more about our four key priorities.

Prevent and Delay the Disease

T1D develops due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors. However, the exact causes of the disease remain unknown and there are no viable methods of prevention. We strive to build the blocks to understand, eradicate, and treat T1D.

Learn more about our three key priorities. 

Funding Opportunities

Currently, there are no open Helmsley T1D funding opportunities.