Prevent and Delay T1D

Our Type 1 Diabetes Program seeks to illuminate how T1D develops and how to prevent it. While our ultimate goal is to prevent T1D, we recognize that this is not likely to happen for many years. Therefore, we simultaneously focus on supporting more near-term clinical therapies. In this strategic portfolio, we support efforts that focus on the following priorities:

Build a Pipeline of Therapies

We focus on therapeutic interventions that have a clear path to the clinic. We currently strive to advance high-risk, high-reward therapies, such as beta cell protection and regeneration therapies, beta cell replacement therapies, and immunotherapies.  

Develop Tools for Impactful Research

To ensure progress across the broad field of T1D research efforts, we support resources and tools that can enhance our understanding of T1D. We fund efforts to collect, store, and make widely available human tissue samples to facilitate more precise and relevant research.

Build Systems to Prevent and Delay T1D

The exact causes of T1D and what triggers autoimmunity and its symptoms are unknown. Our program is supporting an ambitious global network of prevention research that seeks to discover how T1D develops and identify ways to thwart the disease before it starts.