Case Studies

How Israeli Innovations are Feeding the World

Since Israel's earliest days and even before it was established, agriculture has been crucially important. A dry region with little water, Israel needed innovative solutions to successfully produce its own food. To believe we can supply food with this land was a dream... Now, we are one of the... Read More

Israel's Rapid Response to Medical Emergencies

In Israel, lives are lost every day due to the delay between calling for emergency help and the arrival of that help. United Hatzalah has set out to address this problem through a network of trained volunteers who respond to emergencies on medically-equipped motorcycles called “ambucycles” and... Read More

Technology Changes the Face of Healthcare in Rural Israel

Electronic medical records and e-Pharmacies give Israel's underserved regions a modernized healthcare infrastructure that reduces errors and vastly improves communication. Throughout Israel’s southern region, much of its sparsely populated rural areas are marked by poverty and limited access to the... Read More

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A Global Home Away from Home for Journalists

How the Jerusalem Press Club is enhancing world news and broadening public knowledge about the realities of Israel. Refurbished in a historic building near the famed Old City Walls of Jerusalem sits a first-of its-kind, modern venue for foreign journalists on assignment in Israel. Despite having... Read More